U.S. retail e-commerce sales estimates in Q1 are up 10 pct year over year, nearing $34 billion for the quarter, according to ComScore.

YCombinator raises an $8.25M fund. The investors are a superset of those who invested in our previous fund: Sequoia Capital led again, and in addition we have a number of prominent angels, including Ron Conway, Paul Buchheit, Aydin Senkut, XG Ventures, and Geoff Ralston.


Google had a big week with their Google I/O conference. Google: 

  • released GoogleTV, an open platform for connected TV with DirecTV, Sony and Intel as partners. GoogleTV uses Android to enabled app and content purchasing
  • announced 100,000 androids are activated daily (a 40% CMGR) with 50,000 apps and 180,000 developers
  • released Android 2.2 with 4-6x speed improvements, Flash support, digital locker powered by acquisition of SymplifyMedia, tethering and many other features
  • announced an open source, royalty free video codec, WebM with Mozilla and Skype, ARM, AMD, BrightCove
  • launched a business version of their Python cloud and partners with VMWare
  • announces 70M Chrome users, up from 30M 12 months back
  • acquires video chat provider Global IP Solutions for $63M

YouTube announced a leanback experience that will build a personalized HD feed of video on the web likely to be used in Google TV.


  • launches advertising partnership with 7-11 to put Farmville on cups across 7,000 stores representing a multimillion dollar offline branding campaign
  • acquires XPD Media
  • signs a 5 year deal with Facebook that will see Zynga games use credits for an undisclosed revenue share

Rakuten acquires Buy.com for $250M. Rakuten has a market cap of $9B on sales of $3.2B. Buy has sales of $63M. The acquisition marks international expansion plans for Rakuten. 

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Pack has recorded sales of 18M total units at $15 each, generating $270M in total revenue. 17M have been on XBox, 1M on PS3.


Yahoo is confirmed a partnership with Nokia to bundle Yahoo search, email and other services with new devices. Yahoo has signed a similar deal with Samsung, the second largest handset manufacturer.

Booyah uses Google Latitude API of 50M locations to power application. The Latitude API will combine place information with search query volume enabling searches for the top 20 most popular locations in a given zip code. 

Shazam announces 75M users and 1B songs tagged. The company is forecasting 100M users by EOY.

Visa announces case to enable iPhone payments. The product competes with offerings from Verifone and Square, among others.