We’re thrilled to announce a Series A investment in SimpleGeo with partners including the Foundry Group, First Round Capital, Lowercase Capital and FreeStyle Capital. Matt Galligan and Joe Stump are two exceptional entrepreneurs riding a huge wave and building a top-notch team

Mobile platforms and applications is one of our focus areas for 2010 and beyond. As we’ve researched the sector over the past 18 months, it became apparent that location is an essential component of an increasing number of applications be they search & discovery, gaming, fitness, social networking, shopping, or weather apps. SimpleGeo provides an infrastructure for these kinds of applications to store, scale and analyze geospatial data easily, enabling more developers to build new applications, enlarging the wave of location based services.

In February, Skyhook released data on the growth of location aware applications. With 6,000 in application stores worldwide up from zero 18 months before, and with 750 added in the preceding month alone, the data confirms the making of a clear trend, one worth investing in.

We are excited to be supporting the team that enables the transformational abilities of location to be brought to thousands of developers and millions of users.