•  exposes user status updates to the public. 
  •  announces Facebook Instant Connect now on 100,000 domains
  •  begins testing offers as part of Facebook credits through partners TrialPay and Peanut Labs

YouTube announces 2B video views daily. More than 24 hours of video are uploaded every minute.

Google VP of Finance Julio Pekarovic announces departure and CFO role at Quantcast.

Skype launches screen sharing in a new beta release to compete with GotoMeeting and Webex.

Groupon acquires German competitor, CityDeal, to compete in 18 countries. The acquisition doubles the size of Groupon from 300 to 600 employees. CityDeal has 1M subscribers to GroupOn’s 5M.

Yahoo Japan (Japan’s biggest website) and Taobao (China’s largest e-retailer) have agreed to link their online shopping services starting June 1. Through the tie-up, Yahoo Japan and Taobao merchants sell an aggregate of 58M products to buyers in each other’s markets.

Showtime and HBO are experimenting paid internet offerings for their TV content. HBO has about 40M subs.

Microsoft has reportedly partnered with LG to co-promote upcoming 3D TVs alongside 3D-capable Xbox 360 games in South Korea.

Google’s open source Chromium project is building libraries to enable browsers to compute C and C++ in the client and interface with HTML to enable more powerful graphics capabilities. Dubbed a Low Level Virtual Machine approach, many expect other technologies such as Flash to leverage the hardware acceleration afforded by this approach.


Google announces 65,000 handsets shipping daily. There are 34 Android handsets sold in 49 countries.  

Foxconn to ship 24M next-generation iPhones in 2010, according to industry sources. Apple has sold about 17M iPhones year-to-date.

AdMob announces 200B ads served. The first 100M was served 9 months ago. 

About 25% of US households use cell phones exclusively. Another 15% have a landline, but never use it, according to the National Center for Health Statistics in a survey of about 21,000 homes.

AT&T confirms rumors that iPhone deal is a 5 year exclusive lasting until 2012.

RedLaser announces 2M downloads, 45% active user base and 50M cumulative product scans.

DeNa launches global mobile gaming portal MiniNation to compete in the US. The Japanese mobile gaming company has integrated Japanese ported games with OpenFeint (of which it is a minority shareholder).

According to NPD’s survey of 150,000 households, in Q1 2010, RIM acquired 36% of the smartphone market, Android 28% and Apple 21%. AT&T comprises 32% of sales, Verizon 30%, T-Mobile 18% and Spring 15%.


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Booyah raises $20M from Jim Breyer at Accel.

Gilt raises an additional $35M in inside round from Matrix and General Atlantic, bringing the total invested to $83M.

Jelli Radio raises $7M from Battery and First Round.

British Telecom acquired 2.6% of OnLive to fund OnLive’s European expansion.

RRE and SVAngel invest $8M in content aggregator BuzzFeed.

Bezos and MDV invest in paperless billing company Doxo.

Index, Greylock and First Round announced investments in Blippy competitor, Swipely.

DCM and Lightspeed invest $5M in stealth company Project Slice.


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