Semiconductor sales increased 58% in March. Q1 2010 sales were $69.2B compared to $43.7 in Q1 2009.
Zynga is rumored to plan to remove games from Facebook. Reports confirm Zynga will remove its games from Tagged and will launch an independent property, ZLive.com. The Facebook credits tax is likely one of the causes for the separation.
Google announced an e-Book store to open in June or July for DRM-free eBooks. The books will be distributed through web browsers instead of applications.
Evernote announced 3M users, 4 months after reaching the 2M user mark. The service is adding 8,000 users daily, 44% of whom are American.
Skype announced flat rate calling plans for 1, 3, 6 and 12 months ranging from 60 minute plans to unlimited calling. 
GroupOn acquired Mob.ly, a mobile applications developer, signaling a move into mobile. 
Lithium Technologies, a provider of whitelabel social networking tools for large corporations, announced the purchase of social media analytics firm, Scout Labs for $25M.
Google invests $25M in TV measurement company, Invidi.
Criteo, a retargeting advertising platform, raised $7M from Bessemer, bringing the total funding to $24M.
First Non-Latin Domain Names are now available. Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia were the first countries to implement Arabic domains.
Facebook to launch location based features imminently. McDonald’s will use the platform for a large advertising campaign, reports AdAge.
Google announced Latitude has 3M active users growing at 30% monthly. The Google Maps for Mobile application has 50M monthly actives.
Apple announced 1M iPads sold in 28 days with roughly 700,000 of the Wifi and 300,000 of the 3G sold. It took less than half as many days to sell an equivalent number of iPhones.
iPad may be slowing netbook growth, according to Morgan Stanley research.