Q1 investments in China increases 35% y/y to $579M and in India to $259M, up 129%. Median deal investment also increased to $12M and $8M respectively. 


Digital music revenues increase to $363M in 2009, up 1.1% y/y. iTunes represents 25% of the market; Walmart, 14%.

AOL announced $664M in revenue, a drop of 17% y/y, with an operating income of $104M, down 38%. The company has about $250M in cash. Forecast for the future is bleak.

XBox Live Arcade revenues increased 41% in March, 5% for the quarter, with monthly revenues greater than $10M.

DST acquires ICQ for $188M from AOL.

Ooyala is testing pay-per-view with ABC. YouTube’s pay-per-view program is seeing little success with downloads per episode in the low hundreds.

Zynga’s Treasure Isle has 25M registered users in 4 weeks’ time while Zynga’s MAU remains constant at 240M users. 

50,000 websites have integrated Facebook’s social plugins

Yammer now has 70,000 corporate clients, and 800,000+ total seats (users). At least 1,000 of those companies are paying for the product and 10%-15% of seats are converting to paid.

Rumors abound of Google releasing Android TV at Google IO later this month. Sony is rumored to build the Atom powered devices.  


Microsoft licenses infringed patents to HTC, in attempt to fight Apple

HP acquires Palm for $1.4B.

Apple acquires natural language processing application Siri. 

Yahoo will power search, mail, and messenger on Samsung phones, as part of a newly signed agreement between the two firms.

Motorola partners with Skyhook to improve LBS services on their devices. This service will be complementary to Google’s offerings, though it’s unclear how.

Leap, a smaller US wireless operator, is experimenting with new data plans. These new data plans guarantee a quality of service for a prespecified amount of data. Should a user exceed plan, Leap will throttle data rates to the handset. 

Mobile handsets sold increases by 22% to 294M in Q1. Blackberry and Samsung grow units shipped by 40% or more y/y. HTC is forecasting a 45% increase in handset sales from 3.3M to 4.5M in 2010, driven by Android.