Visa acquired CyberSource for $2B. Cybersource processes 25% of e-commerce payments in the US.

  1. Open Graph protocol replaces FB connect and has been made available to CNN, Pandora and Docs.com. OG recognizes Facebook cookies and provides social experiences without requiring additional user login.
  2. Universal Like button send user Like actions from publisher pages to the FB stream. 
  3. Facebook Toolbar enables publishers to provide additional social experiences including chat
  4. Relaxation of application makers’ data deletion policies. App makers no longer need to delete user data after 24 hours
  • 400M registered users
  • 100M mobile users
  • 100M Facebook Connect users
  • 100% of top 10 iPhone apps use Facebook Connect
  • 25B items shared per month (63 per user per month) 
Skype becomes the largest long distance minutes provider. Skype provided 36.1B minutes of long distance in 2009 or 12% of total global minutes, according to the company. Other key metrics for growth in Q4 2009:
  • Users grew by 39M to 560M
  • Skype-to-Skype registered 36.1B minutes, up 50% year over year
  • Peak concurrent users are 23M
  • 35% of users use Skype for business   
Google is rumored to acquire ITA for $1B. ITA provides back end solutions for Online Travel Agents. The acquisition, if true, could mark a move to highly profitable search verticals for the search giant.
CPG maker, Reckitt Benckiser, buys $40M worth of video inventory in 2010, largest ever video ad campaign. The advertiser provides $2 RPMs to publishers citing concern over lost impressions through spam as a concern. However, the move is indicative of increased online video advertising spend. 
Hulu is testing a $10 monthly subscription service. On May 24, Hulu will roll out the beta to several markets. A likely response to the TVEverywhere movement and the Comcast/NBC acquisition, this beta test will evaluate market demand for a paid service.
Twitter, serving 1B SMS per month, acquires SMS technology company Cloudhopper, looking to boost usage through SMS presumably in emerging markets.
Microsoft announced 40M XBox 360s have been sold, selling 1.5M units in Q1 2009, down from 1.7M in the previous quarter. The average XBox gamer purchases 8.8 games.
Gilt launches GroupOn competitor, Gilt City, in New York City. Offering discounts of 70%, this event is the mark of increasing competition in the sector and presumably margin compression.
Blippy raises $11M from August and CRV at a $48M post valuation; also exposes credit card data to the public.
Apple announces 8.75M iPhones sold in Q1, bringing the total to 51M, representing 130% y/y growth and flat quarterly growth. 

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PayPal offers in application payments SDK for physical goods on iPhone and Android