The Android market continues to grow, adding thousands of applications per month. Still a fraction of the iPhone store volume, Android is lacking high visibility games in their store.

As a Droid owner and iPad user, I have experienced the vastly superior games on the iPad, only to turn to my Droid in search of an equivalent gaming experience on a smaller screen. That will soon change.

Flash powers most of the games played on the web, both casual (Pogo and Popcap) and social (Zynga, Playdom and Playfish). Prohibiting Flash applications on the iPhone, Apple has forced developers to develop in C# or forgo the platform entirely. Apple’s loss will be Android and Adobe’s gain.

With Adobe putting significant efforts behind Flash on the Android, expect easy if not seamless migration of the wealth of existing games to Android as well as some beautiful new ones. Another selling point for handset manufacturers and carriers, Flash games on Android will boost sales and developer traction, continuing to build momentum behind the Android market.

With all this momentum behind it, I may still have a fighting chance to make my $20 back!