The US PC market grew 20% year over year and Apple grew market share 34% to capture 8%.

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Last.fm outsources streaming services to MOG, Spotify and others. Indicating a strategy shift, Last.fm intends to build tools for discovery rather than focusing on commodified music distribution service.
Harbinger, a NY based PE group, acquired 10% of Palm common stock
Twitter announces Promoted Tweets, which place selected Tweets relevant to search queries at the top of the search results page. 
Twitter open sources FlockDB, the database managing user data.

Tencent invests $300M in DST for 10% ownership.
Google to open source video codec VP8 for HTML5 video, the codec created by acquired company On2. This codec competes with H.264 and Ogg Theora and will add more fuel to a new format war. On2 claimed 50% better compression than competing technologies.
Google hires Mark Deloura, former manager of Sony Gaming Developer relations, in a move widely interpreted as a significant move into gaming.
Facebook announced the upcoming release of a real time Q&A product and are rumored to provide offers to developers in combination to Facebook credits.
600,000 Americans abandoned cable in 2009, up from 200,000 last year, and increasing to 1.2M in 2010 according to the Convergence Consulting Group. There are 101M subscribers in the US of whom 35% have DVR and 36% have HD. Additionally, the report estimated online advertisements on TV shows represented 2.5% of the $62B ad market. 
Scout Analytics reported findings that cookie deletion increases traffic figures by 25%. On average 7% of Flash cookies are deleted and 30% of HTTP cookies.
Opera announces 100M total users, 50M mobile users. 
MobiTV launches service on the iPhone with $9.99 monthly plan, $24.99 for 3 months and $44.99 for 6 months. Content includes NBC, ESPN, Fox News, CNBC, MTV, Disney, USA and more.
Nasdaq has created a smartphone index for public stocks in the sector with ticker QFON.
Google releases new figures on Android fragmentation:

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