VC fundraising up 41% in Q1 to $4.1B across 34 funds. 76% of the funds raised went to multi-stage groups. Venture investments increased to $12.8B in Q1 up from $6B last year. Figures are from the NVCA.

Senator Jack Reid proposed SEC registration for all private equity funds with greater than $30M in assets. 


Twitter acquired Tweetie and declared it an official Twitter application. A few days prior to the announcement, board member Fred Wilson blogged about the lack of innovation on the Twitter platform and the unattractiveness of companies building better features on Twitter’s core platform rather than new businesses.

Facebook search volume is 2.7% of US queries, according to Comscore. This places Facebook as larger than AOL but smaller than Ask at 2.5% and 3.8% respectively. Granted, Facebook observes different types of queries than other search engines.

Zynga released Treasure Isle which has grown to 4.3M users over the past week. Treasure Isle stems a decline in Zynga user base which has seen 4 of 6 games losing users over the past few months. 

Juniper acquires Ankeena Networks for $100M. Ankeena raised $15.5M over two rounds starting in 2008 from Mayfield.

Kevin Rose replaced Jay Adelson as CEO of Digg. Jay will be moving on to other projects as Kevin attemps to reinvigorate the product.

Facebook has restricted employees from secondary sales of Facebook stock citing SEC concerns.

AOL is looking to fire-sell Bebo or will shut the site down in the next week or so. The company will seek to write off its $900M acquisition.

Offerpal expands to support some initial Asian payment methods, a move indicative of the broad cross-pollination of Asian and US social gaming markets.

African mobile internet users totaled 4.2M in Q1 outpacing fixed web users at 3.9M for the first time according to the International Telecommunications Union.


Apple annouced key iPhone figures. 50M iPhones and 35M iPod Touches have been sold to date. The iPad sold 350,000 units on its launch weekend 450,000 units to date. 

The iTunes app store has 3,000 iPad apps, 80% of which are paid with a $4.99 average price.

Apple announces iPhone OS 4 with seven key changes. 


  1. Game center will enable user matchmaking, leaderboards, achievements and seems to replicate XBox Live’s social gaming layer. This has implications for companies like AuroraFeint, Scoreloop and ngMoco’s plus+.
  2. Enterprise encryption and VPN support
  3. iAd is an HTML5 rich media advertising platform that will be made available to developers and sold by Apple/Quattro. Developers will receive 60% of the revenue.
  4. Multitasking will be available for music, voice over IP, navigation, push notifications, and uploading services.
  5. Email improvements including a unified inbox, multiple account support and message threading.
  6. Folders in the home screen for holding applications.
  7. The Apple Books application will be part of the standard distribution.


Apple also announced that it would no longer accept applications built using development tools that transform or transcode language into C#, targeting Adobe’s Flash technology. The new terms of service may also impact other gaming engines and development environments and potentially analytics systems.

Zynga released bi-directional SMS for their games enabling users to receive alerts and respond with in game actions using SMS. This move points to the importance of mobile for maintaining engagement with games.

PayPal’s iPhone app is downloaded 1M times in 3 weeks indicating market demand for mobile payments.

Rhapsody launched a $9.99 mobile application for unlimited streaming of its 9.5M song library on Android.

Vonage launched an Android VOIP application supported on AT&T and TMobile.

HTC announced $158M in profit on revenues of $1.2B, up 19.3% year over year, as the company’s bet on Android is succeeding.