Hulu announced $100M in 2009 revenue and profitability for the two trailing quarters. Hulu is projected to generate $200-250M in gross revenue in 2010 with 20-30% as net revenue.

Google engineers port Quake2 to HTML5, demonstrating the power of the new browser standard coupled to native 3D processing without plugin.

Google opens GMail as a platform enabling oAuth support. Enabling developers to integrate applications into GMail and email messages both for consumers and enterprises. Appirio has demonstrated an application which integrates Salesforce into GMail.

Google announced that future version of Chrome will bundle Adobe Flash. This a move countering Apple's reluctance to support Flash in iPhone OS.

Brightcove announced full support for HTML5 video on the iPad.

30% of Tweets are American, reports Semiocast. English tweets are 44% of the total.

Reportedly, Panasonic declined to use Google TV on their new televisions because of the significant increase in processor power and cost required to run Google TV. 

Pandora announces 50M registered accounts, up from 40M in December.

EasyJet, a European airline, plans to sell flights on Facebook. 

Facebook hires Joanna Shields to head sales in EMEA.

Sysomos released data indicating that users who joined Twitter 9 months ago continue to be the most active and generate 42% of all tweets.

To control fragmentation, Android will enable core OS updates to be downloaded through the Android market, bypassing carriers. 

65% of 4.2M net new US mobile subs in Q4 elected prepaid plans. In addition, prepaid providers grew 17% in Q4 2009 to 54.4 million subscribers, up from 46.3 million the previous year, gaining 20% market share in the US

Blackberry announced a record 4.9M new subscribers in Q4 2009, on 10.5M total units shipped

eBay expects to sell $1.5B worth of goods through mobile this year, up from $0.5B last year. 

Symbian releases data to counter AdMob market share figures. Correctly claiming that AdMob isn't a representative sample given the US concentration, Symbian reported their OS owns more than 50 percent market share of operating systems and is growing at 20 per cent a year.

Kleiner Perkins doubles the size of the iFund to $200M to pursue iPad investments. 

ngMoco announced that their games generate 20M minutes of play time per day, across 30M downloads.

Cisco and GotoMeeting launch mobile and iPad versions. Recognizing the importance of mobile devices for sales professionals, these two tools release client only (no hosting) apps.

Tapulous announces Radiation, a multiplayer music game for the iPad. Concurrent multiplayer gaming on one device initially seems to be a killer feature for iPad which can support 11 simultaneous touch points.

AT&T released an updated mobile music application with 40 commercial free radio channels, song match (a la Shazam), lyric search, music purchase, 

57% of the most popular apps on Mplayit’s iPhone (Arcade or platform) are paid, compared to 33% on BlackBerry and 16% on Android, mPlayit reported. This is likely due to varying degrees of payment integration into the various app stores.

Placecast released a location disambiguation API that resolves discrepancies between venue locations across different services. Placecast has a canonical database of their creation that interprets

Sicap announces cash withdrawal using mobile phone at ATMs in Africa. The funds are debited from a subscriber's carrier account.

Ubiqsys released $100 femtocell.

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