Scribd launched a partnership with the Huffington Post today. Every two weeks, Scribd editors will highlight some of the best user generated content published on Scribd and re-publish it in the Huffington Post books section. This week, a children's story, "The Brave Monkey Pirate" is at the fore. 

Delivering great content by unpublished authors all over the world is one of the key value propositions of Scribd, one that resonates with tens of millions of users. They have built a great platform for publishing content and driving enormous traffic to it, helping undiscovered authors find audiences.

Like music and video, the rise of a middle class of content creators has been enabled by technology. YouTube has launched stars like Fred, LonelyGirl, and others. Music has been democratized with 55% of downloads now driven, not by the upper 5 or 10 bands, but by the middle class. The same is happening in publishing. It's a disruptive change that will make the world of literature richer. Congratulations to the Scribd team!