I switched from an unlocked developer G1 running AT&T to a Droid on Verizon last Friday. The G1 running version 1.6 of Android was struggling under the weight of limited RAM and a slower processor. I didn't mind the keyboard that much – the large chin took some getting used to. 

In short, I find the Droid to be one of the best mobile devices I've used. I was looking for a BlackBerry replacement: good for email, browsing and long conference calls. 

The Droid is heavy, runs hot and is boxy looking. None of those bother me. But the speed of the operating system, multiple background processes and the phenomenal 3G network make an enormous difference. I notice the network most when making calls through Google Voice, which runs much more seamlessly on the Droid than the G1. For getting to and from meetings, the Car mode with voice navigation is stunning. 

Most importantly, the flow of great applications is only increasing. Whether there are 20,000 or 16,000 apps on the platform doesn't matter to me. That Evernote launched today, Seesmic is running and FourSquare has a solid app, most of my core needs are met. In addition, the apps are live immediately after launch – no waiting. 

They keyboard isn't great and the camera doesn't always fire up when the shoulder button is pressed, but the biggest drawback is a unique mini-USB port so you have to buy new accessories. I'm very impressed with this device and excited for what Android as a platform will bring us in 2010.