Below is a collection of three graphs produced by Flurry illustrating the power of the iPod touch as a gaming platform.

iPod touch is 35% of devices…

But represent 42% of social networking sessions…

and 49% of gaming sessions…

Console wars with Apple as a new powerful entrant

There’s no question that the iPod touch is a threat to the PSP and DSi and will grow into one of the top, if not the top portable gaming platform. Nintendo and Playstation will roll out competing products and will connect the console games application marketplaces to the portable devices. Apple’s logical response is to release an AppleTV competitor that uses connected devices as handsets or second screens to the games available on the iTunes store.

I’m a Mac and You’re an Android

The question is how Android responds, if at all. Not positioned as a gaming platform, it will take significant marketing dollars, and homogenized hardware/software stack across a large handset base in addition to a purchasing platform. At least for the meantime, my bet is Android will remain a utility focused platform. This is further underscored by Eric Chu’s recent comments at Sprint Dev Con that internal Android development is focused on the enterprise.