Despite not that great sales of its Android games, Gameloft doesn’t give up on the platform. As a matter of fact, the mobile gaming company announced that it will bring its portfolio to the 2nd-gen Android devices that come with WVGA screens — i.e. the Motorola (NYSE: MOT) Droid and Sony Ericsson (NYSE: SNE) Xperia X10.

And while we’re eager to see the first great games being released for WVGA screen-equipped devices, Gameloft has also announced a deal with Capcom Mobile to publish six upcoming mobile titles: Resident Evil: Uprising, Street Fighter Alpha, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, Lost Planet 2, Dead Rising 2 and Where’s Wally 2. These games will become available to a wider consumer base in Europe, The Middle East, and Africa through Gameloft’s distribution channels during next year.

It’s interesting to see console game publishing houses testing the waters with initial partnerships on mobile gaming devices.

If these initial tests go well, acquisitions will be likely. For Capcom, it seems, Android is still too speculative of a gaming market to pursue an acquisition.

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