In 2007 tracked posts saw 94% of engagement within the first day and 98% of that first day’s engagement happened within the first hour. In 2008 that number fell to 83% within the first day and in 2009 it was a mere 64%. via RWW

PostRank’s analysis of the trends of blog reading. It’s an indication that users are discovering great content a few days or weeks after it’s published.

All the trends in media point toward streams and pushing older data down in relevance: the Twitter and Facebook streams for example.

Potential causes for this change:

SEO – search engines are now starting to weight blog content higher than ever either because there is so much more of it, or because it’s original content

Social networks – perhaps sharing takes more time than a day. A retweeted link or shared video on Facebook could take a week or so to make the rounds before hitting it big by finding its way to maven.

I bet that the SEO has much more to do with it. That’s why self-publishing platforms like Scribd are so great. By lending the Page Rank of a large site to individuals, individual publishers can be exposed to the masses to get the credit and attribution they deserve for their original work.