Gartner released Mobile OS market share data today comparing Q3 of 2008 to 2009. Windows and Symbian are ceding the ground that Apple, Blackberry and Android are gaining.

Apple and Blackberry have seen 30% plus market share growth in the past 12 months; WinMo is the big loser, with a 30% share loss. Nokia trails with about 10% share loss.

As part of the latest analysis, Gartner have announced that Apple has acquired more share in Europe than Blackberry, something forecasted to happen in the next 12 months the in US.

Here are the handset sales. The story is similar with overall market growth around 13% growth. Disruption of a market at its finest – the new entrants with “open” ecosystems and improved products are rapidly eating away share of the highest margin products while incumbents struggle to keep up.