Augmented reality is an enthralling technology. By combining photos of the real world with an overlay of additional data, there’s no limit to mashups one could create.

Aside from directions though, it’s hard for me to think of a compelling daily application. But, I think I’ve found one.

I want to use AR as an additional pair of eyes, like current applications do, but I’d rather use it for search than browsing.


At a bookstore this weekend, I was searching through the magazines to find a particular title: Harvard Business Review. It was hard to find it amidst all the noise.

Instead, I would have preferred to have my phone do the finding. By typing in what I was looking for, panning over the the scene with my camera, and having the phone do OCR, the phone could point me to exactly what I was looking for.

I could use the same technology to look for words in physical papers on my desk, names of business cards – you name it.

Perhaps not a multi-billion dollar technology, but very useful (for me). Let me know if you are aware of such a tool.