Phandroid has an analysis of the new developer terms of service for Android market. Highlights

  1. 48 hour return window from users, up from 24 hours
  2. Some indication that Google may start charging fees (which may be carrier billing fees in accordance with their T-Mobile plans)
  3. Google is collecting usage statistics

The mobile usage statistics Google will own by combining Android market data and AdMob data will be the largest and most valuable in the business. The value for cross promotion and marketing of this usage is potentially enormous, much like click and query data on the Google.com home page. And combining the usage statistics with the CTR and CPC data – that’s powerful for advertisers, providing insight into effectiveness and in the long term the ability to target very effectively.

It’s too early to make much of the potential fees that Google might charge. While Android is behind in terms of developer adoption, there’s no reason to tax the ecosystem as Apple does with 30% revenue share. Perhaps that will come later or more likely revenue will be generated through advertising: Google’s bread and butter.