There’s a lot of power in defining a push API for events. Mashable covers planes tweeting.

What we’re really talking about here is an automated mechanism for push notifications of relevant data. Laundry’s done? Get a note. My wife’s plane has landed? Get an email. My UPS package was delivered and I’m on chat? Send me an IM.

These trends point to the definition of a personalized API. You will tell services the information you want and when. At the beginning, we’re going to do this all manually – like the Facebook feed and Twitter, it’s going to be a torrent.

Eventually, there will be a balance between manual input and automated intelligence: the same sort of technology that powers Netflix and Amazon so successfully.

This type of data will be both professional and personal in nature. LinkedIn will move in this direction, but much more powerfully, so will stock and trading data, news and trends.

The tools today that are social networks are morphing into giant automated filters of data being pushed to our personal APIs.