The President’s Cup was a pretty exciting event this year. When I wanted to get the update on where the final scores stood, I went to ESPN.

They have been doing a great job as always summarizing the events in text and Jason Sobel’s live blog is now flash enabled bringing those who can’t watch the game, but who are following it on the web closer than ever to the action.

But best of all are the highlights after the fact. Visiting this page, seeing quick interstitial while reading the text and having a 1:30 minute video pop up with a few key highlights is exactly what I was looking for.

One of my co-workers, Fouad, came up with a great analogy for this: the breakdown of the album. Like the fragmentation of 12-15 songs that used to make up a CD or LP, each song is now purchased individually.

Video and sports highlights in this case is heading in the same direction.  If the content is valuable to a user, you can bet there’s an advertiser who is looking to target them. Additionally, with bite sized pieces of content like this, each preceded with an advertisement, there may be an opportunity for even more than the typical 7 minutes of ads vs 23 minutes of content to be delivered to the right user.

Couple that attention with the right knowledge about the user, and ESPN has a very powerful ad package for top tier advertisers and a great revenue stream from online.