Rough Timeline:

Google Base: public user generated content

YouTube: public user generated videos

Google Local Pages: public algorithmically generated content

There are many more examples of Google looking to acquire content. Historically a search company avoiding Yahoo’s strategy of being a portal, Google is moving more into owned and operated properties, though of a different kind than Fox or IAC – instead of acquiring it, they are algorithmically generating content from the web


Margins on sites that are owned and operated (google.com, gmail.com, etc) are much higher than those on publisher sites where owners get a revenue share. To boost slowing growth, there’s no doubt that Google will seek higher margin businesses.

To wit, the launch of Google local pages (see image above) – an algorithmically generated page of Yelp-like data that will serve as a boon for SEO and for performance and brand ads.

Smart move, Google.