Barclay’s released some interesting data this morning indicating the exponential growth of smart phones as a percentage of total handsets shipped. A corollary to this is a subsequent explosion in mobile data and mobile internet penetration.


Interestingly enough, the top sites on mobile phones, according to ComScore, differs from the rest of the web only by having a higher ranking for carrier sites, presumably for checking minutes.



In parallel, there has been a huge explosion in the number of mobile apps: 65,000 for Apple alone at last count. Those interactions, and uses of the web, are very different than the uses of the web above.

As Google in particular articulates that in the end, web-apps will win on the mobile phone instead of dedicated apps. At this point, given that smart phones have some penetration, there doesn’t yet seem to be much evidence that web apps will win. Perhaps the rise of the WebKit browsers in mobile phones and HTML 5 will change all this.